Our Top 5

This is our top 5 from dozens of apps and businesses we worked on before CreatorKit.com.

Even though they still live on the internet, they are no longer being maintained.

Truth or Dare

This was our start in our journey building consumer apps. We were young in our early twenties, so we built a party app to spice things up during house parties.

We managed to make it go viral a few times, and it acquired millions of users. It's ranked high for the keywords Truth or Dare so it still acquires 50,000 new users every month.

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Podcast 9

Back when podcasts weren't as popular as they are today, we created a really cool podcasts player. We built it because we found the Apple Podcasts app frustrating, and there weren't many good alternatives back then. It's still live and used by a few thousand users a month, but we decided to move on when we saw other awesome podcast players being built with the same love for podcasts that we had.

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A cryptocurrency exchange built for Latin America, partnering with some of the best people in the space, including Bittrex.com.

In 2018, we wanted to get more involved with crypto, so we started an exchange with the goal of democratizing access to cyrpto in LATAM. The crypto crash of 2018 didn't allow us to grow as fast as we had projected, so we decided to close down and work on something else.

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After working on consumer mobile apps for years, we wanted to experiment with physical products and the ecommerce world. We started Canvasar to explore ecommerce and Augmented Reality.

Customers are able print their photos on canvases, choosing from a variety of overlay and frame designs which they can preview using AR.

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Top Nine

What started as a simple tool to find and share your Top Nine Instagram posts of the year, turned into the biggest Instagram trend. Every end-of-year, millions of Instagram users, influencers and celebrities use our Top Nine app to create a collage with their year-in-review.

Every end-of-year since 2016 we've reached the #1 spot of the App Store in almost every country.

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About us

Bottom line, we've built a lot of stuff online across many industries and spaces. Consumer apps, crypto, ecommerce and social media tools.

We built them for fun, profit, and curiosity. But above all, because of our passion for creating stuff online.

After working on dozens of projects, apps, and businesses, we started CreatorKit.com with a bold mission that requires our full focus.

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After many years building a lot of stuff online, the Beta Labs team is now working only on CreatorKit.com!