Our products

We help creators from all over the world with our two main products:

An ecommerce marketplace where photographers and designers print and sell their creations. Customers can see how a canvas looks on their wall before buying.

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A drag-and-drop editor to build AR experiences that integrate into any Shopify store. Customers can see the product in AR before buying, without the friction of downloading a mobile app.

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About us

Before focusing on helping other creators, we've designed, built and launched several consumer apps that have been used by millions. Over 4,000,000 people have used our apps.

While we still enjoy building side projects and apps for consumers, we've decided to pour all of our knowledge, partnerships and technology into the development of Canvasar and Designar. Our goal is to help as many types of creators as we can.

  • Photographers and Designers - Canvasar helps them sell their art, showcasing products attractively with AR. We partner with many printing companies to handle the printing and fulfillment.
  • App developers - Monetization is the #1 problem for App developers. Collage makers and photo-based apps integrate Canvasar to enable their users to print their photos and visualize them in AR.
  • Online stores - Showcasing products attractively has proven to lift conversion rates by at least 20%. Designar provides a Shopify integration that help shoppers get a true sense of size, scale, and detail of the products.
  • Creative marketers - Designar enables creative marketers to generate URLs to create engaging ads, forwarding all swipe-ups from Instagram Stories to an AR experience.

Our expertise is the result of many successes and failures, and we do our best to share our learnings with as many people as we can.

Curious to know how to reach the Top 10 charts of the App Store? Interested to learn how to design products for growth?

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