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Top Nine

An app to find and share your top nine Instagram photos of the year. We started Top Nine in 2015. Since then, the Top Nine trend grew exponentially and more than 7 million users use the app each year. Last year, we reached the #1 spot on the US App Store for a few days, with more installs per day than Instagram or any other app in the App Store.

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Video 9

A video editing tool to easily create videos, stories and ads for social media.

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Podcast 9

A podcast listening app with audio snippets and transcripts.

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Truth or Dare

A Truth or Dare app growing at over 60,000 new users a week. We started Truth or Dare in 2014. Since then, we've entertained millions of house parties with our app.

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About us

Before working on these projects, we've designed, built and launched over 30 consumer apps that have been used by over 10 million users.

Our expertise is the result of many successes and failures, and we do our best to share our learnings with as many people as we can.

Curious to know how to reach the Top 10 charts of the App Store? Interested to learn how to design products for growth?

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